Weight Management in Punjab

I have used Herbalife for the last 4-5 Months and lost around 20KG in weight as well as reduced other measures.

By - Nisha Sharma

Herbalife Nutrition in Punjab

Herbalife is my go-to brand for protein shakes. It is very low calorie and has the best flavors for protein shakes. I use it regularly. I have noticed weight loss and health benefits! It is reasonable compared to other protein brands. I recommend this to others!

By - Raj Makawana

Herbalife Products in Punjab

I lost 8KG in 3 months. I changed my lifestyle. No diets so I was not hungry or without energy. I started using Herbalife products before. I never thought it worked but now I can only recommend it.

By - Raman

Herbalife Health Nutrition in Punjab

Herbalife is a good product. The formula one, which is your meal supplement, taste more like smoothie than a diet shake. In overall the products are of good quality. If you take as recommended you should have results. I lost 10KG my first round, it is a lifestyle change but the results are great.

By - Raghbir Singh

Herbalife in Punjab

I have been on Herbalife for about a month. I feel great, I had my health problem removed a couple years back and haven't am had any energy at all and always in a bad but since I started Herbalife I have so much energy and I'm losing weight healthy and have so much energy and I am no longer moody.

By - Jagdish Singh

Herbalife Weight Loss in Punjab

First 8 weeks I lost 15kgs with no exercise. Last 4 weeks I began to exercise & complete transformed my body in one of their transformation challenges.

By - Harinderjit Singh

Weight Loss in Punjab

I like it but I have to get used to drinking smoothies everyday with my busy work life. So far, Ive lost 8lbs in 6week, including 1 shake and minimum exercise of 30 minutes each day.

By - Gyanendra

Herbalife Distributer in Punjab

My journey with coach Charanjit singh and herbalife products was really good and satisfying; I have seen huge difference in my body as well as in myself for the last few months since I am associated with Capt. Charanjit singh. I really recommend herbalife products to all my friends and family who are silently suffering due their excess fat.

By - Gurdeep Singh

Nutrition in Punjab

It’s been a while now since I have started using herbalife products, the journey from the old me to the new me was quite fun and exciting, this is just because of Charanjit sir, who have motivated me so much, and I’ll be really grateful to that.

By - Aspan Singh

Herbalife Reviews in Punjab

I was very tensed and depressed due to my fat, tried so many things, but nothing really works for me. The day I came in touch with Charanjit sir, it was the turning point in my life, and the results that I have seen in myself are tremendous. I really recommends herbalife product to everybody, because it’s not just about weight loose for me now, it’s about the healthy lifestyle now.

By - Anjala

Weight Management in Punjab

I have been working with Herbalife since 16 years, and I am also using their products, now they are just not some normal products for me, they have changed my life since the day I started using them. I can see a huge change in my health as well as in my lifestyle.

Capt. Charanjit Singh